Your most important page. It is here that you have about 7 seconds to get your visitor’s attention. We have this 5 slide slider because people like to see that you can have motion on your front page. We can create all the motion you want, we can play a movie clip in the background if you like but personally, and from a serious website approach, we can’t stand sliders or moving backgrounds. We love landing pages like this one, or front pages like this one, We believe these designs are much more effective as first impressions for most businesses. Get the visitor’s attention without the delay or distraction of moving screens. But, we digress. Here is what this page says on its five slides:

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  • Are the Very DEAD Yellow Pages Killing Your Business?
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As the owner of the site you can go to your dashboard, select Pages and change the content of this page, or easily create new pages for your content. Have fun!