This Almost Sounds Too Good to be True so Just How Does This Work?

Here is how it works.

What you see is what you can get… and even more. All you need supply are any pictures, artwork, graphics, logo, etc. that you want included and tell us what you want to say (we will suggest, direct, assist and help you with all this also if needed or desired). You will also need a name for your website. If you do not already own a website address we can help you with that as well plus, we will make learned suggestions about addresses that will get you to the top of search engines in no time. This is an outstanding value. Here is just some of what you receive:

  • Completely responsive (looks great on any device)
  • Custom design
  • Hosting included
  • Professional Sounding Email included
  • Genuine WordPress site
  • Full featured blog
  • CMS – Edit/add your own content (or we can do this for you)

You get all this and even more as we will offer you the benefit of our marketing experience. If you desire we will offer suggestions about the actual content of your site, what your Unique Selling Proposition might be,  what you might put on the front page, what compelling reason* you might offer to get people to do business with you, etc., and you get all that for only  $29.95/month – HECK, if that is not practically FREE it is no more than you would pay for a “do it yourself” site, barely more than you would pay for simple hosting alone and about one third of what you are paying for an ineffective 3 line listing in the yellow pages.

We require the first and last month’s payment with your order ($59.90) and we do require a two year commitment but we are so confident you will be thrilled with your increased business your new website generates and so pleased with our friendly service that you will never want to leave us. This will be a fun as well as rewarding experience and we are quite sure you will say when it is all done, “This is the best $1/day I have ever invested in my business”.

The truth is ALL businesses need a website but most businesses don’t need huge, expensive websites. This design fits the bill of 80-90 percent of all small businesses. It serves as your online brochure telling people about your business, what you sell or what service you offer, where you are located or what area you service, when you are open, how to contact you and most importantly, and this cannot be stressed enough, IT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO FIND YOU (likely on their phone) and when they do, if you follow our compelling offer suggestion, it can provide them a great reason to do business with you – Today.

And here’s the best part, you can change it, add pages, edit content, etc. all by yourself if you are so inclined or we can do it for you for a small fee. Either way you can stay current and relevant and you can do smart marketing by changing your offers, having seasonal sales, two for one sales, clearance sales, early bird specials, etc., etc., all the things the big boys do. You are only limited by your imagination.

Now, we would love to make this completely automated where you simply fill in some information and we get to work on your site but THIS IS A CUSTOM WEBSITE and so we really need to speak with you about what you want. So please call us toll free at 888-545-3000 and one of our very friendly designers, located right here in the Great State of Texas will ask you a few questions and that will get the ball rolling. In order to make this as quick and easy as humanly possible (yes, humanly, real people that are really interested in your business)  we will need the following from you to begin:

  • Ten minutes
  • Your business contact information
  • Payment method

That is all we need to get started. If you have more that’s great but the most important thing is to get a page up and running even if it only has your name and address so that when people decide they need your product or service you can at least be found. Everything else can be added in short order but do not allow indecision about what you are going to say prevent you from acting. GET THAT INITIAL WEB PAGE UP TODAY.

*As an example, our compelling reason here is really simple, you know you need a website ((or a new website that looks good on all devices (especially a phone)) and you know you need some marketing suggestions and you know this is the best offer you have ever seen. It scratches every itch, eases every pain and promotes gain. Thus, you feel compelled to at least find out more and when you discover it is exactly as presented you feel compelled to finally get that modern, business building website you know you need and have desired for a long time. As you realize the tremendous value at only $29.95/month you know you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and so you GO FOR IT TODAY.